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1. How much can a Maryland notary charge for mileage? 

The 2022 fee for mileage is 58.5 cents per mile. 

2. How much can a Maryland notary charge for travel?

There is a flat rate $5 travel fee if you drive from point A to point B to meet your client to provide notary services. 

3. Can you use a passport for ID when you submit your notary application?

You cannot use a passport as a valid ID to submit with your notary application. It has to be a drivers license with proof of your Maryland address.

4. How can I become a Notary Signing Agent in Maryland?

To be a Notary Signing Agent - in Maryland, this is called a Title Insurance Producer Independent Contractor (TIPIC) - you have to take a pre-licensing course and pass a state exam to get your license and this is managed by the Maryland Insurance Administration

5. Can you sign as a witness and notarize on the same document.

You should not sign as a witness and notarize on the same page of a document, this could be interpreted as you are notarizing your own signature. 

6. Do I-9 forms require notarization?

I-9 forms, a company might request you to complete this document. This form does not require notarization, so you do not keep a record of it in your log book. HOWEVER, some companies do include a separate acknowledgement form with the I-9 documents that you can notarize to verify the ID being used - this document you can record in your log book and complete the notarization for.

7. Can you be a certified signing agent in Maryland.

If you do not have a title insurance producer license, you should refrain from notarizing real estate documents.  

8.How much can you charge for notarizations in Maryland.

If charging for notarizations when doing general notary work, you can charge $4 per original notarial act that you place your notary stamp on a document for. 

9. Can you notarize your own documents?

You cannot notarize documents for yourself.

10. Does Notary Training Network offer signing agent training.

Notary Training Network does not currently offer pre-licensing training to be a TIPIC. You can find a list of the current course providers HERE.

11. Where can I get more info on notary requirements from the Secretary of State?   

More FAQ's for notaries in Maryland directly from the Secretary of State can be found HERE