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Can I notarize outside of my state?

Interestingly this week, I found out that Virginia notaries are able to notarize outside of their state but with restrictions. They are able to notarize documents outside of Virginia that are to be used in Virginia only. I’m interested to know if any Virginia notaries have ever actually done this.

Notaries in Kentucky, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming have similar powers.

Maryland notaries are not able to notarize any documents outside of the state. A notary commissioned in the state of Maryland allows you to notarize anywhere within the boundaries of the state.

A notary commissioned in Washington D.C. allows you to either notarize documents for work as a business notary, for the federal or local state government as a government notary, or for the community as a residential notary.

If you are providing remote online notary services, under COVID restriction in Maryland, The signer has to be located within the physical boundaries of the state of Maryland.

For Virginia notaries, remote online notarization is already legalized, signers are able to be anywhere in the world and can get a notarization completed electronically by a Virginia notary. The only caveat is the signer needs to know if the receiving party will accept an electronically notarized document.

Remote online notarizations and electronic notarizations are not permitted at this time for notaries in the District of Columbia.

Notaries in all states are able to notarize out of state documents as long as the notarization is completed within the borders of their state. Many notaries question if a notary commission is transferrable and unfortunately it is not.

Different states have different rules and regulations and some even afford other opportunities for notaries outside of simple notarizations.

In order to apply for a notary commission, you have to live or work in the state of the application.

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