• Michol Bobb

Communication is Key as a Mobile Notary or Independent Contractor

Sometimes it’s good to have to communicate through a third party, other times it has downsides. It does not matter if you are providing mobile notary services or doing loan closings, communication is very important. How you communicate (or your lack thereof) can make a difference between you and the next notary.

You could be stuck in traffic or got into an accident. Communication is included with customer service and also part of the customer experience. It could make you stand out from the next notary. It also helps if you are resourceful. A notary client may call you simply because they know you will respond. That response can be through a phone call email or text. A notary customer might be someone you’ve provided services to previously that referred you to someone else or is calling you back for more work.

How would you define a client versus a customer? How you would treat new customers versus repeat customers?

I had a situation where a signing service scheduled an appointment for me with a borrower. The loan officer was supposed to contact me back with some updates for the appointment so that I could confirm with the borrower. The borrower spoke with the loan officer to cancel the appointment the evening prior but the loan officer did not communicate that to me or the scheduling company. Because I did not hear back from the loan officer, I called the borrower the next morning who then informed me that they had already canceled the appointment with the loan officer the evening prior.

A simple phone call it was yes, but if you put yourself in the borrower’s shoes, would you feel like you’re working with a company that doesn’t have good communication skills? Would you consider that if this is how they handle scheduling an appointment, it’s possible they might not handle the completion of your paperwork correctly?

I want to end with this; when communicating in business, sometimes it’s not just about what you do, it’s also about what you don’t do.

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