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Fees to charge for notarizing

Updated: Aug 13

In Maryland, notary fees are regulated.

As is the case in most states, some are not. Across the nation, fees can range from as little as $1 to as much as $15 per notarization. This is the fee you are able to charge when you put your notary stamp on a document. This pricing does not apply to real estate transactions and some other contracted assignments that notaries might get requests for. This fee does apply when doing general notary work or providing mobile notary services. Most misconceptions new notaries see is that this fee is charged per page or per signature, neither of those are 100% correct; your notary fee is assessed anytime you have to apply your stamp on a document (this does not apply to real estate or some other assignments notaries get contracted for).

This could be multiple signatures on a page and each of them requires a notarization, or it could be multiple signatures on a page that only requires one notarization.

Not sure where to find you state’s notary fees, start with your Secretary of State website.

I’ve seen some notaries charging upward of $100 for travel fees and notarizations in Maryland. Our state does have a notary investigations office. Please don’t’ lose your notary commission because you are overcharging or charging excessive fees. There is also the ability to report notaries that are charging excessive fees in Maryland; you can submit that on the secretary of state website also.

If you’re not sure how to charge for providing mobile notary services, feel free to book a 1-hour mentoring session with me and let’s talk about what you’re currently doing and how you can fix it so that you remain a compliant Maryland notary.

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