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Interested in Becoming a Mobile Notary

Depending on your state, providing mobile notary services can be very beneficial as an alternate source of income. Some people have the misconception that mobile notaries and notary signing agents are the same; not quite. Some individuals don’t want to do real estate transactions so they align more in the role of an independent contractor. In this role, you get contacted to do assignments that may not necessarily require you to notarize documents and you can still get paid upwards of $50 – $100 per assignment.

As a mobile notary, depending on your state rules and regulations, you might not have any restrictions on what you can charge to travel and provide notary services. All states have regulations on the fees that you can charge per notarial act. Although notaries are public servants, some individuals might take advantage of providing mobile notary services by charging additional and excessive fees for rush service, late-night service, early morning service, weekend service, holiday service, and even convenience fees - for customers to travel to them. Unfortunately, with the rise of COVID, social distancing, unemployment, and opportunists, some notaries are charging upwards of $100 to complete simple notarization requests; and unknowing citizens are paying these fees. This example is for local communities, within a 10-mile radius.

Some states do have notary investigators, Maryland for example. If you get caught charging excessive fees for providing notarial services, some of the consequences include a revoked or suspended commission.

Some tips if you are interested in providing mobile notary services:

- Know your state rules and regulation for what you can charge

- Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews

- Set realistic expectations for when and where you will provide mobile notary services

If you are interested in getting started as a mobile notary, book your mentoring session with me so we can get you started today!

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