• Michol Bobb

Notarizing during COVID

I finally did it. I told myself, you already know what you’re doing, just get out there and do it. Part of my fear was because I have little ones at home and we don’t go out much. So many things are changing in the world right now; you have to stay in the know to keep up. So, I thought to myself, “I’ve lived a good life, if I die, I’ll die happy”. I’ve traveled the world a little bit and made peace with parts of my past. My conscience is clear.

A fear of COVID will keep you paralyzed in life if you let it. People are still living perfectly normal lives (with some now added necessary precautions), and need notaries to help them complete transactions to continue on with their lives. Fear, depending on how you want to look at it, can mean Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. I choose to rise above anything that paralyzes my success.

If you have any doubts about completing notarizations during COVID, take some of these precautions and you’ll get through it.

1. Use an electronic journal. For example, NotaryAct. This saves you from having multiple people touching your traditional journal.

2. Buy some sandwich bags to put your phone in and you can collect payments electronically and also log the transaction electronically. This keeps you from having to touch cash unless you prefer that way.

3. Wear a mask and gloves, some people appreciate you taking the extra precautions for your safety and theirs as well.

4. A clipboard or portable desk to put documents on might also be useful.

5. Guide the customer through the process so they know what you are doing and how everything works, this makes them feel more comfortable and helps them to understand it make take a little longer because you’re using extra safety precautions.

6. Relax, you got this.

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