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I can get my ballot notarized?

If you’re not in a state that requires it or you don’t bother much with politics to care about it, you may not know that some voter ballots do require notarization.

We are specifically talking about absentee ballots for a presidential election.

In Alabama, Mississippi, and Missouri, Oklahoma and South Carolina notaries (or two witnesses) can notarize absentee ballots to be counted in a presidential election. This is to help prevent voter fraud.

If you live in any of these states or have notary friends in any of these states, you may be able to capitalize on being a part of this momentous occasion!

Politics aside, notaries are also government-appointed officials and public servants. What better way to provide service and give back to the community by being part of something so big.

This is a special year for a presidential election with so many people suffering in our nation currently due to unemployment, racial inequalities, social injustice, a pandemic, unemployment, and homes become workplaces, schools, date night, and staycations all in one; people are not motivated to vote. Others however use it as a motivation to make their vote count.

Notaries may also get requests to notarize candidate nomination forms and if done incorrectly, an individual can lose their candidacy or opportunity for nomination.

In the current state of our nation, some elected officials are trying to do away with the notary requirement for an absentee ballot due to health and safety concerns and also questioning if it’s even necessary.

Some regulations for notaries in these starts include misdemeanor charges for improper notarizations, restrictions on how many ballots can be notarized, and restrictions on fees notaries can charge if they are notarizing absentee ballots.

To put it more into perspective, a notary error on a candidate form can cost upwards of $300,000 (this is why errors and omissions insurance is important to have).

Think of the notaries that make a difference when it comes time for you to cast your vote in this year’s election.

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