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Notary Training: Is income earned related to knowledge?

How would you feel if your income was directly or indirectly related to the amount of education that you had? What if it was, or you realized that it could be; at least not in a traditional sense. Have you ever thought about what you might want to learn outside of the common offerings?

Topics such as:

- Marketing and Advertising (Business skills to let people know that you exist)

- Customer Acquisition (How do you get new clients, and what can you do to keep the clients you already have)

- Networking (Creating partnerships to help grow your business or put it out there that you provide notary services)

- Fraud Awareness and Identification (How can you protect yourself and others as a front line of defense against Identity theft)

- ID Verification (Are you aware of current acceptable ID requirements?)

This is not an all-inclusive list of additional education courses that would be applicable to what notaries need to educate themselves on to start or grow a successful notary business. In the regular working world, certifications and advanced training allow you to grow in your profession and sometimes have annual education requirements. Notaries want to make the money but some surprisingly don’t see any value in keeping abreast with current changes in law, regulation and even technology! Enhanced knowledge and skillsets can change between industries and the types of notarizations that are required. Real estate and Funeral homes, for example, are two completely different industries that require very specific documents to be notarized and they both are used for life-altering events.

Educating yourself can make or break you as a notary and can help you to stand out from the roughly 4.5 million notaries that are in the United States!

Book a mentoring session with me if you are interested in learning more about how you can incorporate any of these topics.

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