• Michol Bobb

You Can’t Have Culture Shock as a Mobile Notary

Well, you might, but that’s ok. Sometimes being a mobile notary takes you to places you would not normally go, allows you to see things that you might not normally see, and even experience smells that might be a bit off-setting. For example, this past week, I’ve been in houses where I had to take my shoes off (luckily, I had on socks), I saw a house full of dolls, and I had a hoarder house (Thanks to COVID – I was glad I had a mask on). Some notaries get offended and leave, others take it as part of the job and press through.

You don’t always know what you are dealing with until you get there. It might be a house full of people who are not part of the transaction but has a lot to say about the transaction. It might be someone who can’t read and is dealing with documents for a financial transaction that needs to be notarized.

Notaries have to remain impartial. It’s ok to remove yourself from an assignment if your gut or your conscience is telling you something about the situation isn’t right. Remember, sometimes what’s not right for you may be the best situation for the customer and you can’t discourage them from their decision because you don’t know the full story. Also, because you should have taken an oath as a notary to be an impartial witness to any transactions.

Today, I want you to think about how you would handle these types of situations and decide if being a mobile notary is a good fit for you.

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