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Upcoming Events - New Notary Classes

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"If you are new to the Notary Public venture but are feeling uncertain about how to proceed forward, the Notary Training Network is a great source for starting you on your journey! The training modules are designed to teach you what is needed for your development and/or your success in the Notary business. This is a detailed self-paced training program but don't be discouraged, Michol Bobb is an excellent coach and motivator, providing insight and encouragement as you progress through the program. YOU are worth your investment!!"
 - Deborah

Alexa Young, CA

Welcome to Maryland's Premier Notary Training Course Provider!

Empowerment Through Education

Notary Training Network has its roots in local meetups, fostering connections among notaries in the Baltimore area since 2015. With the implementation of Maryland's notary education law mandate in October 2021, we proudly earned the distinction of being the first in-state approved notary training course provider in July 2022. In 2023, our founder, Michol Bobb, was one of the recipients for the prestigious Best in Baltimore Award!


At Notary Training Network, we are pioneers with a mission to redefine notary education in Maryland. Looking ahead to 2024, we're excited to announce the expansion of our offerings to include events tailored for Title Insurance Producers (TIPIC’s)! Stay tuned for more details as we bring on an additional instructor with over 20 years of experience as a Settlement Officer.


Why Choose Notary Training Network:


- Leadership and Authority: We take pride in being recognized leaders and authorities in notary training, establishing industry standards for excellence.


- Informative and Comprehensive: Our courses are consistently praised by students as not just informative but as comprehensive learning experiences that surpass other training programs.


- Hands-On Approach: What sets us apart is our hands-on approach, providing practical and thorough education that goes beyond the basics.


- Highly Recommended: Our reviews speak volumes about the quality and value in our training events, with participants highly recommending our state-approved Intro to Notary Practice course, meeting the rigorous requirements for the Maryland notary training course of study and exam.


Thank you for supporting this small business; I'm thrilled to embark on this learning adventure with you!​

Michol Bobb, Owner & Trainer

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