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Notary Training Network was created to support new notaries by providing expert training and best practices to prevent improper notarizations

People choose Notary Training Network because we offer a personalized approach to training for greater professional success and fulfillment in your notary role.

For staff development, training can be customized to your specific industry needs and group pricing is available.  

 Certificates can be provided to add to your employee file.

The Notary Training Network is committed to enhancing the integrity, professionalism, knowledge, and value of notaries.

Training workshops are currently offered virtually.

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Dedicated to You

- Do you need clarification on current notary rules?

- Do you have questions about getting started as a notary?

- Are you looking for a notary mentor?

- Would you like to have some practice before your first notarization?

A one on one mentoring session will help to create the action plan you need to achieve your goals.


This 1-hour session will be done by conference call.


Committed to Quality

- Are you getting started as a notary or need refresher training due to an inactive commission?

- Do you need the training to perform notary services for work?

- Do you want to know what else you can do with a notary commission?

The monthly workshop will give you a strong foundation to get started and grow in your notary role so that you can become the best notary in your area!

Register today and overcome your struggles in order to become a confident and compliant Notary.


Professional Development

This one-day event connects you with industry experts to learn about the latest topics as it relates to notaries.

This year's event will be on  Friday, October 9, 2020, with a heavy focus on learning how to market and advertise your notary services.


All Notaries are welcome to attend.

This event is perfect if you are looking to add a stream of income by providing notary services in the new year!

Click the link below to get more info and see highlights from last year's event!


Are you looking to create success with your notary business? If the answer is yes, then you must and should reach out to Ms. Bobb. Her expertise in notary education is truly motivating. She has taught me things I never knew about the notary arena. I highly recommend her consultation services. I guarantee it will be the best investment you'll ever make to increase the success of your notary business. Thank you!!

Zainabu K., Maryland

Michol was a great resource for helping me expand my business and achieving my goals and needs to better assist clients! She was thorough with assessing my weaknesses and working out those points to become a better entrepreneur! Thank you!

Natalie B., California

I attended the notary training workshop in Southern Maryland because I wanted a refresher for my notary skills. It was great information to receive. The workshop was valuable for me because it helped to clarify a lot of information in regards to how to set my travel fees and notary fees and how to become a TIPIC in Maryland.

Victor W., Maryland



Hi, my name is Michol.

I started the Notary Training Network to support new notaries so that they can be confident professionals within their role and avoid the consequences of improper notarizations. In the workshops, you will learn about rules, regulations, best practices, and be able to answer "I'm a notary, now what?". Also, we incorporate where you are now, to get to where you want to be! 

I am proud to be a 2020 National Notary Association Ambassador, this title holds a high honor to bring integrity and respect to the role of a notary public. In being a notary for over 5 years and having a background in quality and process improvement, I believe a strong foundation is necessary for success in any role. Notary Training Network was created due to a lack of professional and flexible training opportunities for notaries around Maryland. I look forward to meeting you at a future event. 


Here's to your growth!

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