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Why should you invest in notary training?

Notary Training Network is a training resource for individuals who are currently looking to renew their commission or interested in becoming a part of the Notary Public community.

Our main audience is Maryland notaries, but we are expanding to include events for notaries in all states.

Whether it be for your own personal or professional reasons, our training is created to give you up-to-date Notary Public law and industry information.

We offer monthly live in person training classes for Maryland notaries currently.

Our advanced training seminars are open to all notaries!

In 2024, we will be rolling out continuing education courses for Title Insurance Producers.

Did you know that the education law mandate went into effect in October 2021 and Notary Training Network became the first in-state approved Notary training course provider in July 2022 for Maryland!

The 6 hour Intro to Notary Practice foundational training class is Maryland specific notary training and held once a month on Saturdays for new notary applicants and those that prefer in-person training. If you have never taken a formal notary training class, you are welcome to attend, the state approved exam is included.

There is also a self study online course option that is available for those who need to renew their Maryland notary commission.

Read what past students have said about our training HERE.

The top 5 reasons why you should invest in notary training:

✔️ It increase knowledge & best practices for improved compliance when conducting notarizations (professional development).

😱 It reduces liability from improper notarizations (prevents notary misconduct).

🤗 It promotes professionalism and brings integrity & increases morale for notary professionals because they can perform confidently in their role (promotes integrity, confidence and knowledge).

🤑 Companies that offer community resources and individuals could add notary services as a benefit to the public (community building and service).

👩‍🏫 National Notary Public Day is celebrated every year on November 7th (we're special!).

I look forward to connecting with you at one of the upcoming events. RSVP Here!

Best regards from your #1 in-state and voted Best of Baltimore for 2023 notary trainer Michol!

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