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Your notary logbook could keep you out of trouble, so why isn't it a requirement in all states?

🎉 Meet Your Event Host! 🎉

Michol Bobb, is the Powerhouse behind Notary Training Network! Michol is proud to bring you a day of incredible insights and invaluable knowledge to elevate your notary game! ✨

👩‍🏫 Michol wears many hats: facilitator, planner, organizer, visionary genius, marketing manager, content creator, and curator extraordinaire! Her passion for educating and empowering notaries led her to train over 500 professionals with her conversational teaching style that everyone loves! 🗣️ She is the driving force behind this remarkable event, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Notary Training Network is the first in-state approved notary training course provider for Maryland notaries and it's all thanks to her incredible dedication to advocating for Maryland Notaries.

Michol will be presenting a powerful session on record keeping, focusing on document fraud, identity theft, and forgery prevention.

🏆 Join us at the Fraud Training Seminar and experience Michol's expertise firsthand. You'll leave feeling inspired, motivated, and equipped to be the best notary you can be! 🎯 With a professional background in Quality and Process Improvement, Michol has transitioned from working in healthcare to banking, and now, she's on a mission to educate and empower individuals through her notary training platform.🔥 This conference promises to leave you with a new level of confidence!

🏆 Let's support and celebrate this remarkable woman who leads with passion, knowledge, and heart! We will be acknowledging her receiving the Best of Baltimore for Notary Public 2023 award! 🌸 Mark your calendars for the Fraud Training Seminar and stay tuned for the upcoming TIPIC continuing education courses!

RSVP now at and let's make this conference unforgettable by learning, growing, and succeeding together! 🎉

Best regards,

Michol Bobb

Owner & Facilitator

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