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Meet Jacqueline Phillips: Remote Online Notarization Expert

Are you ready to be inspired and empowered by a true Remote Online Notarization trailblazer? We are thrilled to introduce Jacqueline Phillips, the driving force behind A-List Notary Services! She started her Remote Online Notary journey as one of the first electronic notaries in the Commonwealth of Virginia back in 2016 and she formally served as the Director of Notary Engagement and Education at Notarize, she was one of the first notaries on their platform! She had a pivotal role in shaping and advancing remote online notarization practices across the U.S as she effortlessly shares her insights as a subject matter expert on Remote Online Notarization with her expertise and captivating speaking style. Her ability to connect with diverse audiences makes her presentations a transformative experience for attendees and combined with her passion for educating and empowering notaries, she is an invaluable asset to our event.

With a passion for notarization that spans over 20 years, Jacqueline's journey began in 2012 when she founded her own successful notarization business. Since then, she has been sharing her expertise, mentoring, and training notaries, contributing to the growth and excellence of countless professionals in the field.

Secure your spot now, and let's welcome Jacqueline as she shares her wealth of knowledge with us in her session on recognizing fraud red flags and best practices when conducting Remote Online Notarizations!

Happy Stamping!

- Michol

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