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Title Insurance Producers - The Fraud Training Seminar has a special session just for you!

Meet Lee-Anne T. Rodriguez: Settlement Officer Licensed in Maryland, DC, and Virginia with over 20 years experience in the Title Industry

With over 20 years of dedicated experience, Lee-Anne stands out as a beacon of knowledge in the realms of title insurance, real estate closings, and more. Currently, a Manager and Settlement Agent at Mid-Atlantic Title/Pride Settlement, Lee-Anne's operational prowess and warm demeanor have consistently propelled her customers and students toward success.

🌟 Lee-Anne's Expertise:

  • Comprehensive Perspective on Title Insurance and Real Estate Closings

  • Operational Excellence for Seamless Transactions

  • Dedication to Student Support and Educational Growth

  • Certification for Continuing Education Credit Courses

  • Active Engagement in Local Committees and Associations

  • Commissioned as a Notary Public in Maryland, D.C., and Virginia

TIPIC's, this one is for you! Lee-Anne's session will delve into the critical topic of Deeds. In a world where deed fraud looms large, learning to navigate forged signatures, identity theft, and the nuances of various types of deeds is vital.

Imagine losing your home due to a mere signature on a piece of paper, that you didn't do!

With the rise of litigation and blame culture, understanding the red flags and maintaining control in challenging situations is paramount. Lee-Anne's insights will empower you to identify potential pitfalls and steer clear of them so that you are aware of the importance of your role as a title insurance agent in preventing real estate fraud by enhancing your knowledge of deeds because every deed tells a story!

💬 Leave a comment below: We want to hear from you! What burning questions do you have for this session? What aspects of deeds do you want to unravel? Your input will help tailor the discussion to address your needs directly.

🔗 Secure Your Spot Now: Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. This event is sure to enhance your professional growth. RSVP Here!

Thank you for your commitment to excellence in notary services. We look forward to welcoming you at the Fraud Training Seminar!

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