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Fraud Training Seminar brings experts in creating Universal Notary Laws, Rules & Regulations

Meet Marc L. Aronson: President & CEO of the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries

We're thrilled to announce that this year, we have a special guest who brings an unparalleled wealth of experience to the event. Marc L. Aronson, President and CEO of the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries (PAN), with an incredible 51 years of dedicated service, will be sharing insights and expertise that you won't find anywhere else. Marc has been instrumental on a national level in shaping the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA), and his knowledge is bound to be a game-changer for all attendees.

Get ready for an engaging and enlightening experience with discussions on key topics, including:

  • Strategies to identify impostor signers and combat fraudulent activities

  • Ensuring signer presence to uphold notarization integrity

  • Unveiling surprising statistics about mistakes in notarized documents

Delve into the intricacies of notarized document errors, expired stamps, notary bonds, Errors and Omissions Insurance, and the vital role of continuous notary education in maintaining high standards.

We know you've wondered about ethical practices versus misconduct in the notary world – and now's your chance to gain clarity on this crucial topic.

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