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Maryland State Prosecutor Talks about Identity Theft at the Fraud Training Seminar

Did you know that a Notary Public is categorized in the legal industry?

Shari's illustrious career speaks volumes about her dedication to upholding notarial practices' integrity. A graduate of the Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania, she holds a dual major in Personnel Management and Labor Law. Admitted to the Maryland Bar in 1984, Shari boasts a remarkable twenty-six years as a prosecutor, during which she's relentlessly pursued justice. She stands as the Chief of Economic Crimes at the Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City, specializing in investigating white-collar crime and financial exploitation of vulnerable adults.

At this event, we're tackling a critical issue often brushed aside – notary accountability.

Shari's session is compellingly personal to me. Imagine being the victim of fraudulent notarial acts - someone steals your information to make a counterfeit notary stamp and conduct fraudulent notarizations - your information exploited for nefarious purposes. Shari confronts this firsthand and has relentlessly pursued cases of notary fraud, uncovering startling instances of incomplete notarizations, altered records, and the absence of proper record-keeping practices (some states still don't require a Notary to keep a journal). Shari's unmatched expertise is a testament to her mission to fortify integrity within our legal community, safeguarding us against fraud and identity theft.

Our speaker lineup boasts brilliance, featuring a former FBI Special Agent and a Forensic Document Analyst. By adding Shari E. Green, Esquire - a state Prosecutor, to our arsenal, we've amplified the conference's significance. While other fraud and notary events conferences command prices ranging from $700 to $1600 over multiple days, we're thrilled to offer this unparalleled content for just $297, all in a power-packed single-day event!

Shari's session will shine a spotlight on the vital role of having meticulous records and thorough verification plays in preserving notarial sanctity and protecting against fraud and identity theft.

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